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Greetings from Chasse Sauvage, a premier wedding photography team based in France, dedicated to capturing the essence of your special day. As seasoned French Riviera and destination wedding photographers in Europe, I, Marius, along with my assistant, are committed to preserving your memories as timeless works of art. Allow us to capture your wedding day on the French Riviera or any other enchanting European destination.

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At Chasse Sauvage Photography, we specialize in capturing stunning photographs on the French Riviera. Our services extend to other cities throughout France, catering to couples seeking to capture their wedding day in all its glory. Our portfolio showcases our unique style, featuring weddings in Paris and other picturesque locations across the French Riviera.


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As a photography team situated in the South of France, we are renowned for our ability to capture breathtaking moments on the French Riviera and in destinations beyond. Our portfolio showcases our distinctive style in encapsulating the essence of your wedding day, from intimate gatherings in Paris to luxurious celebrations along the Cote d'Azur. We provide a comprehensive range of photography services, catering to weddings and photo sessions in diverse cities across Europe. When selecting a wedding photographer for your special day in Bordeaux, it's essential to carefully consider their unique style and approach.

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Are you looking for a French Riviera wedding photographer? If you want your wedding to be photographed by an experienced photographer or a destination wedding photographer then you need to hire a professional. Only a professional wedding photographer from French Riviera can guarantee you wonderful memories with your loved ones. There are many factors in choosing a wedding photographer. Among the most important are the photographer’s experience, the equipment used, and its price. The price of a French Riviera wedding photographer may differ from one to another. It is important to ask the right questions when choosing a wedding photographer from the South of France.

Why would you want an experienced French Riviera wedding photographer? Only an experienced wedding photographer knows where to position himself at any time of the wedding day. On the wedding day, there are many events and they must be documented professionally. A professional wedding photographer in France can give you useful directions and advice both before the wedding and during the wedding. All the moments, emotions, and details are captured by him. These are your dear memories that will last for years.

Our experience as wedding photographers has led us to photograph luxurious weddings. I was a Nice wedding photographer in the South of France, a Montpellier wedding photographer, and a Marseille wedding photographer. All this showed us that wedding photography in the Provence area is our specialty. The Chasse Sauvage team is made up of professional wedding photographers from the South of France. We are ready to embark on this adventure with you. Choose a French Riviera professional wedding photographer for your unique wedding day!


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As wedding photographers on French Riviera, we can guarantee you beautiful memories with your dear guests. All the moments of the wedding day are special and we take care of their documentation. This wonderful area in the South of France is perfect for your special day and we want to be part of it. Our wedding photography services in France are of premium quality. We deliver photo albums or prints after the wedding day and we collaborate with professionals in the wedding industry in Europe.

Trusting the right wedding photographer is an important thing. Your memories that will last for generations must be documented by a professional France wedding photographer.

To contact us you can complete the form below. The more details the better. This way we can figure out your preferences on the wedding photography side. Also, you can visit our wedding photography Instagram page for more pictures. Choose a French Riviera wedding photographer with high-quality services for your wedding day!