Wedding photography process

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It's a special feeling when you get married. You want this feeling to last forever. After the wedding day, you can experience at least half of that feeling when you look at the wedding photos and the wedding video. The feelings from one of the happiest days of your life will return to your soul. The moments will be captured through photos and video. These are the things that remain after the wedding day.

After finding the perfect photographer to immortalize these moments, there are some important steps you need to take. To make things easier I transcribed them on this page. So here is the process of wedding photography that will answer many questions. We also have a special page with wedding photography FAQs where you can find the most frequently asked questions for the wedding photographer.

If you are still wondering if we are the perfect wedding photographers for your event you can look at our recent work from our wedding photography portfolio page. We are destination wedding photographers from Provence, France, available worldwide!

Wedding photography steps

I. Wedding photographer contract and paid retainer

After we sign the contract and after receiving the 30% retainer of the value of the wedding photography package we will send you a wedding guide with some useful tips that you may have missed. This wedding guide also contains our recommendations for a videographer, wedding planner, or other wedding vendors. We will also send a wedding questionnaire. If you are working with a wedding planner, please let us know how to contact them. We like to be as helpful as possible. If you have questions about wedding photography, post-processing, or any other questions you can contact us or you can visit our page with wedding photography FAQs. We can sign the contract during a meeting, where we will have the opportunity to discuss your special day and your photography needs or we can sign it online by e-sign.

II. 30 days prior TO your wedding day

We schedule a phone call (or Skype/Whatsapp call) so that we can establish the last details regarding the wedding day itinerary. By this time you will also know all the vendors that will work for you and if you'll have any questions we will happily answer.

III. 1-2 days prior TO your wedding day

We are destination wedding photographers so if your wedding is in another city in Europe then we will arrive at the location at least one day before the event begins and confirm our presence by phone. Thus we will have the opportunity to see which are the best areas for a photo shoot. If the wedding is in a city near the Provence area, France, such as Nice, Monaco, Marseille, etc., then we will confirm by phone that we are ready to document the wedding day.

IV. 1-7 days post your wedding day

After 7 days from the day of the event, we will receive the rest of the balance according to the contract. During this period your wedding pictures are saved on 3 devices. You will also receive a special surprise!

V. 2 to 5 weeks post your wedding day

We edit each photo separately so that each photo has the same colors, contrast, white balance, etc... We prepare an online photo gallery, from where you can download the photos at maximum quality. You can send the link to the online gallery to your relatives and friends, so they can download what photos they want.

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Wedding photography timeline

Bride Getting ready & details (60+ minutes)

Groom Getting ready & details (60+ minutes)

ceremony (45+ minutes)

At this moment we will capture candid photos with the groomsmen when they socialize and joke around. The detailed photos include the groom's suit, shoes, and other accessories. At the end of the preparations, we will take some portrait shoots and formal photos with the family and the groomsmen.

Getting ready and details are an important part of the wedding day. Photographing details may include the bride's dress, shoes, and accessories. We will take pictures of all the details and then photograph the bride getting ready, applying make-up, and getting dressed. We will also take some portrait shoots and formal photos with the bride and her family and bridesmaids.

It's important to talk to the person in charge of the ceremony beforehand and to find out how long it takes. For us, it is necessary to arrive at the ceremony location before with at least 20 minutes to capture details with the interior / exterior or any other details. Before starting the ceremony, we talk to the person who formalizes the ceremony to know if there are special rules that we have to be aware of. Take a buffer of 15 minutes for the people who are invited to congratulate you after that.

wedding coupLe portraits (60 minutes)

wedding family portraits (30 minutes)

wedding party portraits (30 minutes)

If you want every guest to have at least one photo with you then we can organize such a moment. Also, this time may differ.

The time allocated for family portrait shoots differs from one wedding to another. During this time we will take professional wedding photos with your family and loved ones.

This is the perfect time to capture some of your love. Keep in mind that we don't always need necessarily 60 minutes for this photo shoot. But to make sure that we have enough time for a nice set of couple images, this is the time required.


Reception & party (180+ minutes)

cocktail hour (60+ minutes)

While you socialize with guests, the details of the party and reception are being photographed. At this moment we will have time to photograph the guests socializing and capturing candid photos with them.

Speeches, bridal dance, and mock cake cutting are all at this point. From now on the wedding party begins and a special day is celebrated for you and your guests. Additional wedding photography coverage can be included if we exceed the chosen photography package.

It's important to add time for transportation between different locations. If the groom's preparations take place in different locations, then the transport may affect the itinerary of the wedding day. Consider all locations and the duration of time between them.

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Additional wedding photography notes

, These are basically the hours for photographing each event on a wedding day. If the video part is involved then the time may be increased for each event. As professional wedding photographers, we are aware that this day is important for you and your guests. So if you want to know more details about a wedding day, you can contact us by email. If you want to collaborate with us then you can do so by writing to us all the details of the event in the contact form on our wedding photography page.