Luxury wedding on the South of France, Cote d’Azur


February 18, 2020

When talking about a wedding in a place like the South of France, it’s hard to match the energetic and equally elegant vibe it conveys. Alina and Radu chose this place for their wedding and the evening party. And they did well! All these memories documented by a wedding photographer South France were important to both!

Thus, in addition to Alina’s finesse and Radu’s elegance, the couple had as an ally the decor that contributed to the creation of a superb wedding storie. We liked both the bride’s dress, Otilia’s creation, made of lace and tulle, with a romantic air and the groom’s costume. Radu proudly wore a Consiglieri creation, keeping the tones of Alina’s dress open. See more photos from a wedding photographer in Nice or a Paris wedding photographer!