Why us?

Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions in the wedding planning process. Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life, and the photos you will have after this day will connect you to the memories of the day. Just as important is for you to be confident on your day, knowing that all the moments are captured perfectly in pictures by professional wedding photographers from Provence. We are destination wedding photographers willing to capture your story with passion and attention to details. Available worldwide!

We are natural wedding photographers

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We like to keep things casual, fun and all about you. We do not force you to position yourself in uncomfortable ways. We'll talk, laugh, make an adventure out of it and be ourselves. This is how we can capture a little of the love you share. Our couples always say how much fun it was at our photo shoots, even if they were a little worried about it before!

We understand that having a photo camera facing you can be a little intimidating and difficult to act natural. We will do our best to give you directions from time to time, but we will keep things honest and real. Even if we are attending a simple family photo shoot or we are wedding photographers, we will give you some useful tips for posing. We want everything to be organic, so that emotions are transposed into photos.

We are experienced wedding photographers

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We photograph almost every week, under all conditions, throughout France, Italy or other parts of Europe. We take couple photos, we organize children's photo sessions, family photo sessions and we go to many events. Wedding photography has taught us that no wedding is the same as the other. We have gone through many wedding scenarios and we know how to deal with them. We can help you even in organizing the wedding day, we have useful tips with small details that you could miss!

A professional event photographer must have experience in capturing events over the course of a day. The professional wedding photographer has the equipment and the experience that helps you to have the memories kept safely in wedding photos, baptism photos or for any other event.

We are hard working wedding photographers

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Whether it's wedding photography, baptism photography or a couple photo shoot, we document and work hard. We are looking for excellent locations that will work perfectly in daylight for the photo shoot. We work closely with you to schedule and plan your day. All to make sure you get those photos you will love in the years to come. In post-production, we are meticulous in the process of choosing and editing to achieve consistent results.

We like to continuously develop, learn new things and put them into practice. We tried at every photo shoot to incorporate our creativity. We want to create photos that will last for years, photos that bring back the emotions of places and time.

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We are cool

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I make sure to highlight special moments, such as the anticipation and enthusiasm felt by the bride and groom, as they prepare for their wedding day. Using lighting tools, professional cameras and creativity, I try to create interesting and cool photos. Finally, the love shared on your special day is what creates memories for a lifetime, whether there is sun, rain or wind!

We will be with you and your loved ones and we will be passionate about what we do. We can guarantee that we are dedicated to photography and we will shoot the best moments throughout the day.

We are wedding photographers with awesome characters

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You will spend more time with the wedding photographer than with most of the other guests on the wedding day, so it is important to connect with the chosen photographer! We like to meet every couple we photograph, to get to know each other shortly before spending moments on the day of the wedding or the baptism. So if you are thinking of having us as photographers, then we should set up a meeting and do that!

We have many services and we offer a lot of other benefits. Perhaps the most important thing is that we are young and talented people with whom you will feel at home.