Elegant black tie wedding in Nice, South of France


February 18, 2020

The outdoor wedding of Alina and Mihnea from the South of France area can be said to be a fascinating one. Being a wedding photographer in Nice, France I can say that it was a boho and very chic wedding. I was excited since the first hour to capture pictures as a wedding photographer Nice, France. When we got to the apartment of the two the day already seemed to be successful. For a Nice wedding photographer a clean and bright apartment is perfect for bridal preparations. There I met Mihnea and the groomsmen’s. After a few minutes of relaxation and discussion I went to document the day, discreetly as a professional wedding photographer would do. The view from the balcony of the apartment gave me the opportunity to take some pictures that I incorporated in this wedding photo album.

After the photographic documentation from the groom’s preparation we arrived at a chic hotel in the middle of Nice. There I photographed the wedding dress and the bride’s preparation. From there we traveled with the bride and groom to the nearby church.