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Destination Wedding Photographer based in Nice, France, capturing natural and emotional moments.

We offer professional photography services, such as wedding photography or engagement shoots. We are storytellers with a special interest in photography, videography and graphics. Even though we are Provence wedding photographers, we love to travel the country and across borders to create stories through photographs. Thus, we are destination wedding photographers from France.

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We focus on high quality wedding photography services in France, and we are international wedding photographers. We want to document your event as it happens. No directing, no interaction. We are professional wedding photographers and we emphasize your story. Looking for English speaking wedding photographers?

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wedding photographer South of France

Our biggest ambition as professional wedding photographers is to create images with a strong emotional impact, with the people we love and the beautiful moments we spent together. Photos that can be commemorated throughout the generations. Whether we are French Riviera wedding photographers, or we are wedding photographers in Italy.

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Nice wedding photographers that love to tell your story in pictures. We like to create a story in all our photo albums. Every wedding picture has to express an emotion. This way, we share our perspectives through the language of photography. You could see our latest wedding photography stories, engagement stories or family photography photo shoots in our photography portfolio.

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Provence, France wedding photographer

Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Provence? We are wedding photographers who photograph around the world. Our favorite places to take pictures are Cote d'Azur, Florence or Paris. We like to meet new people and travel. We are talented wedding photographers from France, and we are available anywhere in Europe.




Couple photography shows the world your love that I capture with my camera. Get a photo session on Cote d'Azur shores and share your love. In our experience as professional event photographers we have met many couples who have been intimidated by the camera. We will give you positioning tips so that you are as natural as possible in front of the camera. We know how important your love is, and we want to capture in images the love that you carry. Choose professional photo services for an engagement photo shoot, a family photo shoot or just a simple photo shoot on the French Riviera, in Paris or anywhere else in Europe.

I'm a destination wedding photographer from Provence, France. Depending on the project I am also available in other cities in Europe. Besides the fact that we are international wedding photographers, we organize couples photo shoots or family photo shoots. But our professional photography services do not stop here. We work with well-known brands for bridal costumes, wedding dresses or accessories. Contact us to get in touch with a professional photographer for your unique event.

Wedding photography should say as much as possible about you two, about the place where you chose to embrace your love. As a result you need a high-end wedding photographer. Considering the fact that I'm a destination wedding photographer from France I know how important wedding photography is. Chasse Sauvage photography team has the necessary experience to give you useful tips that could help you in organizing the wedding day. Choosing a professional wedding photographer in France for one of the most important days of your life is a great decision to make.

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Wedding Photographer South of France

wedding photographer South of France

Our glorious couples surrounded by people that support and love them. All, together in one place to celebrate the most amazing thing we have in this world - love.

Wedding Photographer in Provence, France.

Available worldwide.

Storytellers that love to capture emotions. We love bright beach weddings and luxury weddings in Europe with a peculiar love for France & Italy. Keeping things casual and fun with every couple we meet and creating images with a strong emotional impact.

Destination Wedding Photographer Provence, South of France.

I am a fine-art wedding and portrait photographer based in Provence, the South of France. The beautiful moments of a long-awaited wedding day pass by very quickly. That's why, as a professional wedding photographer, capturing the entire story of the wedding day means that I have to stay focused and not miss anything!

I will be with you from the preparations, I will capture the ceremony, all the moments between them and, of course, the subsequent celebration. I will organize a wedding photo shoot because your memories matter! This is your special wedding day and you need a destination wedding photographer to capture the moments.

Looking for a wedding photographer in France or in any other place in the world? My popular destinations are in Italy, Spain, Portugal or UK.

We would be very pleased to accompany you with our cameras, whether in France, Italy, other parts of Europe or anywhere else in the world. Our passion is not just photography in general, but particularly wedding photography. Our accent is on you, the wedding couple, your wedding guests, on the special moments and the real emotions.

We are grateful that we can accompany you on this special day of your lives and thus capture these unique images not only as photographers, but also as guests and friends of yours. Our natural photo-journalistic approach, allows us to document the event and to capture spontaneous moments, which will always remind you of this unique day.

If you still have questions, you could see our wedding photography FAQ or contact us to check our wedding photography availability.

Nice, France

Destination wedding photographer in the South of France, capturing a black tie luxury wedding. Capturing emotions at any event. As a wedding photographer in Nice, France I know that the pace of a day is a fast one, I adapt constantly and deliver the pictures in high quality. I work with videographers to include professional wedding videography offered in France, Italy, or beyond.

Nice, France

My biggest ambition is to become one of the best wedding photographers of the French Riviera, in the South of France. Photographing elegant weddings in the luxury villas around France, Italy or worldwide. See more of my work as a destination wedding photographer in Provence, France or other parts of Europe.