Professional wedding photographer, choose the best wedding photographer in Nice for your luxury wedding day. Documenting your wedding day in one of the most beautiful city in France.

We are wedding photographers based in Nice, France. Together with my assistant we will document your special day. If you are looking for a Nice wedding photographer it’s possible that we might be be the right team for you. You want over the years to look back at your wedding photos and feel that all the important moments have been captured with passion and professionalism. This is what we deliver!

Although I’m a professional wedding photographer based in Nice, I like to travel in other cities. I’m a destination wedding photographer in France with a special love for France and Italy but also I am willing to travel the world for your story. I photographed weddings in Monaco, Marseille or Paris. I am a professional wedding photographer from Provence but I also offer wedding photography services in Milan and other cities. In France I have photographed weddings as a Dordogne wedding photographer, Monaco wedding photographer or Bordeaux wedding photographer.

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Nice, France wedding photography

Even though in principle we are a team providing wedding services in Nice, France we also collaborate with a videographer who has a style consistent with ours. Thus, for those who want Nice wedding video services, we are pleased to offer them our recommendation!

Of course, in addition to wedding photography, I can also offer services as a Nice family photographer, a Nice civil marriage photographer, or for any other important events in your life. In addition, we offer customized packages for wedding photo and video services in Nice according to the client's needs. Choose a Nice wedding photographer with prices and personalized offers!

I learned that every wedding is unique and adaptability is definitely needed. Therefore, I like to know the future couple in order to understand exactly their wishes and to be able to make a plan together to fulfill them. That is why I suggest every time the couple gets in touch before the wedding day with their professional wedding photographer.

The prices of a wedding photographer may vary depending on the many services. All wedding photography collections are personalized. If you want to have a wedding during the day then, obviously, I can make you a personalized Nice photo wedding offer. To find out the details of the packages of a wedding photographer in Nice, their prices and offers, do not hesitate to contact me!

I specialized in wedding photography because I not only love photography in general, but I am passionate about the storytelling of the fabulous wedding day. I love to capture the people you love, the friends and family, the emotional atmosphere, as well as the carefully chosen location, all of these aspects make your wedding so personal, exceptional, and special. This uniqueness is exactly what I want to capture with my images as a Nice wedding photographer.

Nice, France wedding photography story

There will be magnetism in the subtle moments of the wedding day, which often fade without notice. As an artistic documentary wedding photographer from Nice, my role is to capture those unconscious moments. Leaving you a visual story of joy and love to illustrate the background of your new life together.

Before the wedding day, I’ll be there when you need me. Whether you are looking for help with your timeline or wedding day tips, I will be there to give any advice I can, based on my past experiences in similar situations. You could also see our wedding photography FAQ.

On your wedding day, I will be there to capture all the laughter, tears, and minor moments you share with your loved ones when they flow naturally, uninterrupted. During the wedding photo session, we will spend time making images that reflect your personality and the raw energy of the relationship. See more details about a French Riviera, such as a Cannes wedding photographer!

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