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Greetings from Chasse Sauvage, a leading wedding photography team based in France, dedicated to immortalizing the magic of your special day. As seasoned Cannes and destination wedding photographers in Europe, I, Marius, along with my assistant, are committed to crafting timeless memories for you. Allow us to capture your wedding day in Cannes or any enchanting European destination.

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At Chasse Sauvage Photography, we excel in capturing breathtaking moments in Cannes. Our services extend to other cities throughout France, catering to couples seeking to capture their wedding day in all its splendor. Our portfolio showcases our distinctive style, featuring weddings in Paris and other captivating locations along the French Riviera.


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Situated in the South of France, we are renowned for our ability to capture the essence of your wedding day on the French Riviera and beyond. Our portfolio exemplifies our unique approach to documenting weddings, with events documented in Paris and along the stunning Cote d'Azur. Offering a range of photography services, including weddings and photo sessions in various cities, we understand the importance of selecting the perfect wedding photographer in Cannes, one whose style aligns with your vision.

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Since wedding photography is more than a hobby for me, I am ready to be a wedding photographer in Cannes for your high end wedding. Contact a Cannes wedding photographer to capture your wedding day in an unique way!

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Looking for Cannes wedding photographer prices in France? If you choose to have a wedding in the city of Cannes on the French Riviera, this means you must have a professional wedding photographer. Capturing your memories is essential. Wedding photography in Cannes can have a wide range of prices. Our couples who contacted us spent around 4000 EURO for wedding photo services in Cannes. Keep in mind that prices do not always reflect the quality of services. As a result, it’s good to document yourself before contacting a professional photographer or a France destination wedding photographer.

Among the factors that lead to choosing a wedding photographer is the character of the photographer. This is the person who spends most of the wedding day time with you. Therefore it’s ideal to have a character similar to yours. Do you need an English-speaking professional wedding photographer? This is beneficial when it comes to communication. In contrast, do you want a wedding photographer who has experience as a Nice, France wedding photographer or a Paris wedding photographer?


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Are you looking for the best wedding photography services in Cannes? We are wedding photographers in the Cote d’Azur in France with a special inclination to photograph weddings in Italy. Also, we are available in Europe or worldwide. Our professional wedding photography services in France do not stop only at digital photography. In our wedding photography collections, we have included photo albums or wedding photography on film. We can also recommend wedding videographers, bands, or DJs for your wedding in Cannes.

If you want to know the steps in the wedding photography process for a Cannes wedding photographer you can contact us or visit our special page. We are professional wedding photographers in France with international experience. And above all, we can give you useful tips in planning your wedding day. You can contact us through the contact form below or you can visit our wedding photography page on Instagram.

Looking for a fine art wedding photographer in Cannes? Contact us right now for more details!