Photo Albums

There is something special about holding

a photo in your hands. It physically

connects you to a time, place, and feeling

– an experience that an image on a screen

simply cannot replicate. Of course, digital

files are beautiful and certainly have

their place, but a printed or personalized

scrapbook is something you’ll pass down

from generation to generation, providing a

connection to your event day that you and

your family will cherish for years to come.


The photo album contains up to 90 images

on 40 pages (20 collages).

The quality of the album itself is second to

none, printed on thick matte paper.

All are bound in natural, synthetic leather,

velour, velvet, or cotton covers with

various designs or decorative elements.

Beautiful memories

that last a lifetime

Wedding Album

Photo album size

Family Album

Pro Album

I create square photo albums like 25x25cm, this one when opened is 25x50cm. We can add up to 90 photos.




40 pages (20 collages)

natural/synthetic leather, or cotton cover

standard engraving

cardboard box

40 pages (20 collages)

synthetic leather, or cotton cover

standard engraving

cardboard box

40 pages (20 collages)

natural/synthetic leather, velvet, satin, or

cotton cover

swarovski crystal decorative elements

laminated engraving

photograph cover





Offering superior print quality and finishes, this photo album is perfect for arranging your memories in a stylish and professional way.

Let's create a new family story

It's a pleasure to be a part of your journey and I'm grateful that you trusted me with your album design. I am excited to create something that is more than a book. This album will be a part of your family and home. It will preserve your memories and transport you back to that special moment in your life so that you can relive the same feelings of your beautiful day every time you flip through its pages.

Next, there are a few details I need from you before I can start creating your album.




Personalize your photo album

Choose the color and material

Choose the model

You can personalize your album with a special laminated engraving and Swarovski stones. Most couples put their names and the date of the event in a simple Arial font. You can also choose to have a passe-partout with a favorite picture on its cover. The photo album will be a perfect way to keep your special moments alive.

Another important choice in personalizing the photo album is its color and material. Below are some of the colors that I think are suitable for a photo album. If you need more choices below these you will find the links to the website of the printer with all the available colors and materials.

While I work on the layout of the photo album with the edited photos, I would like you to decide on the model. To simplify the choice below you will find some favorite photo albums of mine and other couples. If you think you need more choices then below are links to the printer's website with all the designs.











Need more designs?

For the photo album, I collaborate with the professional printing house AlexCover from Romania, on these links you can see all the models of photo albums:











Need more colors?

For the photo album I collaborate with the professional printing house AlexCover from Romania, on these links you can see all the colors of photo albums:

Photo album layout

Quality photo albums

I request you to look over the edited photos and then over the preview album and if you feel that changes need to be made in it I request that we do it all at once.

I recommend pushing the changes to a sheet or app. I mention that I will not send the photo album to print until everything is ok with this.

Changes for the photo album can be for example:

- collage 2, replace the top right picture with picture no. 45;

- collage 5, delete the bottom left picture;

- collage 7, change the layout of the pictures and make them bigger;


If they don't have a lot of orders or are not on vacation, basically, since I placed the order, the album will be ready for delivery in 10 days.