wedding photographer South of France
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Our approach in wedding photography

wedding photographer South of France

We consider your story to be the most important. Therefore, we will document your wedding day from beginning to end to create a story through our images. Our approach to a wedding day is to document the events that are happening along the way. We are passionate about capturing the real emotion and your connection as a couple. We want to tell the story in a real way so that you can remember with pleasure the moments of your wedding day when looking at digital or printed photos.

As professional wedding photographers with a photo-journalistic approach of the wedding day, we do not intervene in the key moments, and we document the day in a discrete way.

wedding photographer South France

Our approach as destination wedding photographers gives us the greatest desire to create unforgettable memories on your wedding day. We love to be discreet wedding photographers and capture candid images. All to document your wedding day in an honest way. We want you and your guests to feel comfortable around us on the wedding day, so that everything goes naturally. You must fully enjoy the experience without having the feeling that you must act different.

wedding photographer South of France

We capture the story as it happens on the wedding day with all the emotions and experiences. We believe that all the moments of life that we remember are connected with the help of emotions. These experiences are the ones you will never forget! The strangest thing is that you probably won't remember what you ate or drank on the wedding day, but you will always remember that special moment, that warm embrace, that sparkle in the eyes of the people you love. You will remember their jokes and you will laugh with your best friends. And our goal is to capture those moments for you.

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Wedding photo-journalistic style

We are international wedding photographers, wedding photographers in France, Italy, but we are available worldwide. Our wedding photo-journalistic style is the story of your wedding documented in a discreet and natural way. As you have probably seen in our work as professional wedding photographers, our style is consistent in all photographs and the style is something that makes each photographer unique.

For us emotion, light and composition are very important and are part of our work. Our inspiration comes from cinematography and film photography. We love the natural light and if we can choose we always lean into taking pictures outside. Thus, we are always aware of the interaction between light and shadows and try to be creative in our photos.

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Our style of photography on a wedding day belongs to the documentary domain, known alternatively as wedding photojournalism. This approach in wedding photography involves capturing the day as it unfolds. As wedding photographers, we know that the people next to us must feel comfortable in front of the camera. We can create this feeling of relief by being discreet. We want the couple, but also the guests to have a natural experience. Capturing these candid moments on a wedding day is our ultimate goal.