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Greetings from Chasse Sauvage, a premier wedding photography team based in France, dedicated to capturing the essence of your special day. As seasoned London and destination wedding photographers in Europe, I, Marius, along with my assistant, are committed to preserving your memories as timeless works of art. Allow us to capture your wedding day in London or any other enchanting European destination.

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At Chasse Sauvage Photography, we specialize in capturing stunning photographs in London. Our services extend to other cities throughout Europe, catering to couples seeking to capture their wedding day in all its glory. Our portfolio showcases our unique style, featuring weddings in Paris and other picturesque locations across Europe.


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Situated in the South of France, we are renowned for our ability to capture the essence of your wedding day, from the vibrant streets of London to the sun-kissed shores of the French Riviera and beyond. Our portfolio exemplifies our signature style in capturing the beauty and emotion of your wedding day. Offering a range of photography services, including weddings and photo sessions in various cities, we understand the importance of selecting the perfect wedding photographer in London, one whose style resonates with your vision.

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Looking for a London wedding photographer price in the UK? If you want to have a wedding in the UK or in any other corner of the world you need to hire a professional wedding photographer. The price of a wedding photographer in London can differ greatly. The wedding day is one of the most important in the life of the bridal couple, parents, and friends. We all want to have our memories documented by a photographer. Choosing a professional wedding photographer from London or a destination wedding photographer from France or Italy is a priority. Only he has the equipment and knowledge to capture one of the most important days in your life. For this reason, it is not always wise to hire a cheaper wedding photographer.

You want to resonate with the chosen wedding photographer. Even if you choose a London wedding photographer or maybe an international wedding photographer, who photographs luxurious weddings in France or Italy. It must have a character to please the bride and groom as well as their guests. His experience is also a major factor in the choice. In addition to these, wedding photographers must have professional wedding services included in their wedding photo packages.

Chasse Sauvage, the wedding photography team captures your wedding story in the London region in the UK, but also as a Manchester wedding photographer or Paris wedding photographer. Choose the right wedding photographer for one of your most important days!


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If you are looking for the best wedding photography services in the London area then you arrive at the right place. We are a team of photographers with professional wedding photography services. Even if we live in the South of France we are available to travel anywhere in Europe. I photographed weddings in London and Manchester, but I was also a wedding photographer in Liverpool and Southampton. We are not just photographing weddings in London. Our professional wedding services have been beneficial as a Provence wedding photographer in France and an Amalfi Coast wedding photographer in Italy.

Our goal as London wedding photographers is to capture every emotion, in a natural way, that comes along the day. Visit our wedding photography services page to find out what’s the next step in choosing the wedding photographer. Contact us through the bellow form or visit our Instagram wedding photography page.

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