Design your wedding invitations


May 5, 2020

This important piece of stationery means much more than it looks. Your wedding invitation is the guest’s first contact with the wedding day, so you want it to be memorable. Not sure where to start? There are a few important things to keep in mind when creating your wedding invitations or choosing an interesting pattern from the hundreds of invitation templates available. These are the most important tips to keep in mind when you’ll choose or you’ll design your wedding invitations.


Define the wedding style

Defining your wedding style is essential if you want to design your own wedding invitations. Along with the location and time of the year when the wedding is organized, the level of formality of your wedding is also given by the wedding style. Just as you need to consider the style when choosing a professional wedding photographer for your big day. You should have an idea about the desired wedding style. Is it classic and elegant, casual, and relaxed or glam and modern? This detail is recommended to be established before you start buying wedding invitations. All must be on the same note. You can browse the stationery and wedding invitation sites and get inspired.

This is the most important step if you want to create your wedding invitations. You can take a look at Pinterest, where there are hundreds of styles to choose from. The easiest thing is to choose your wedding colors and a favorite font. Start with this in choosing your wedding invitations.


Know your colors

In designing your wedding invitations you must also include the colors that predominate in your wedding. Maybe they are colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses or maybe these colors are predominant in the wedding venue floral design. The wedding location plays an important role in choosing the colors for your themed wedding. If you choose one of the best wedding venues in Provence, France the colors can have a light or purple aspect. Think about the colors of your wedding. You may want to incorporate your wedding colors and theme into your wedding invitations. Then you can have them in the rest of the stationery, for example on the wedding menu or the guest list panel, all for a consistent look.

Cream or white are among the most used colors, associated with black or gold font. These are the classic choices for formal wedding invitations. You can also light up your design in your wedding invitations with colorful or metallic fonts. Just remember colors matter for a themed wedding.


Shape and size of wedding invitations

A wedding invitation measuring 11.5x17cm is very traditional. The bride and groom can channel more playful or modern vibrations with circular or square invitations. When you choose to design your wedding invitations it all depends on your preferences. Think about how you can incorporate the form of your wedding invitation to the wedding theme. As a France wedding photographer, I often photograph wedding invitations at the beginning of the wedding day.


The text of the wedding invitation

Decided that you want your own DIY wedding invitations? As you consider colors and patterns, don’t forget the text. The information you put on the invitation is the main reason to send it in the first place.

Generally, avoid light text on light backgrounds or dark ink on dark backgrounds. Yellow and pastel colors are hard to read colors. Make sure the background contrasts enough for the text to stand out.

Also, pay attention to hard-to-read fonts. You don’t want to sacrifice the readability of the letters just because the writing looks nice. We could say that creating your wedding invitations involves a lot of art and craftsmanship. Just like when you decide to make your own save the date cards, this process is very meticulous.


Choose your words wisely

Traditionally, the host is listed first on the invitation. Normally, when designing your wedding invitation you should write everything down, including the time the wedding ceremony begins.

Find out the rules to express yourself on the design of your wedding invitation. A good tip is not to crowd the wedding invitation. List only the key points on the invitation. These can be the time and location of the ceremony, the name of the restaurant or the name of the bride and groom. Optionally you can add a “dress code” or an “RSVP” if you want the invitation to be answered to give you an idea of ​​how many guests to expect.

If you opt for more information on wedding invitations, they may become too busy and difficult to read. They will also not look as elegant.

The wording may change depending on the location details, so make sure you check everything before printing a few dozen or hundreds of wedding invitations.


Check the invitation

Before sending the order for printing your wedding invitations, it is essential to check it again. Ask your grammar expert friend if he can take a look at the invitation. You would be surprised at how many things you can overlook when you design your wedding invitation. Pay close attention to details such as date, time, and spelling.


Order extra

You should order enough wedding invitations for your list. Plus 25 extra if you have to resend a few invitations. If you have a list of “backup” guests you can use these invitations to send them to those on list B. This way you can fill all the seats in the restaurant.


Menu, program, table cards and thank you notes

If you want your wedding to be special and you want a personalized touch you can add this to various other things. The menu, the wedding invitation program and the “Thank You” notes are widely used in other countries and this ensures that all the design of the elements has consistency. Keep in mind that all these details are photographed by a destination wedding photographer.

The table cards with the guests’ names are probably the first thing that guests notice when they arrive at the table. Here guests can see your style and dedicated work in wedding planning. Every personal touch counts!


How to create your own wedding invitations?

We understand that the wedding invitation is among the most significant testimonies of guests. There are hundreds of models on the internet where you can get inspiration from. From classic to ordinary, from traditional to modern. You can add custom details in beautiful fonts and colors to your wedding invitations design, but is it enough to make them unique? For a personal touch, you can create them with the help of special programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. To make your life easier we have some wedding invitation templates that you can customize to your liking.



Painted flower in a frame on the wall

These beautiful classic invitations express elegance and luxury. The floral print and pink ink design would be suitable for a modern classic couple. Choose this design for your wedding invitations if you are a couple who appreciate traditional wedding invitations. Elegant fonts work perfectly in terms of cohesion.




Painted flower in a frame on the wall
Painted flower in a frame on the wall

Put the green color of the eucalyptus leaves on the wedding invitations to achieve a beautiful dynamic with elegant fonts. This minimalist invitation, but with a luxurious style at the same time, creates a classic color palette. Choose to use eucalyptus leaves for the menu or table cards, along with a wedding floral design similar to every table.




Painted flower in a frame on the wall
Painted flower in a frame on the wall

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, include a floral pattern on paper. This simple but captivating wedding invitation pays homage to spring. Mix and match the details on the invitation to create a refined and elegant impression.



How can you personalize your wedding invitations?

Design your wedding invitations in Photoshop

You can download these wedding invitation templates and customize them in Photoshop. All elements can be changed, if you like a more minimalist font you can download one from Google Fonts and change it very easily. Each invitation template comes with all the elements specific to the wedding stationery. In the set of each model, there is both a menu, RSVP, table cards for the guest’s names, as well as fonts and details on how to edit wedding invitations in Photoshop.

The files are PSD and you need Photoshop to open them. The limit of change is only the limit of your imagination. You can alternate the wedding invitations in as many ways as you want, all for those little personalized details that matter. This is the magic of designing your wedding invitations.

No matter what style of wedding invitation you have, there is something for everyone. From bold and extravagant, luxurious and detailed, to delicate, or completely strange.

But for those who are not gurus in Adobe software, it is easier to turn to a company that can already offer you many interesting models. Adding personalized details to those wedding invitations may be limited but not impossible. It may also be possible to create your own wedding invitations online with the use of special websites.


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