Best wedding venues in Provence, France


March 27, 2020

Provence is a magical place with landscapes rich in diversity. It’s popular for the hot summers and also for the iconic lavender fields. As a result, this is one of the most chosen wedding destination locations from all over the world. The wedding venues in Provence can range from luxury villas to historic chateau that is close to the sea and which adapts any guest list size. In this article we have selected the best wedding venues in Provence that will help you in your wedding planning process. We’re sure that you’ll find it quite difficult to choose only one favorite. Just like choosing a French professional wedding photographer, this needs a deep analysis.

There is a large variety of Provence wedding venues that all offer different things. On one hand, there are all-inclusive locations, that have spa services and in-home chefs. On the other hand, there are the venues more bespoke where you can customize the entire event and you can get to choose the vendors you want. One thing is clear, almost all the venues in Provence have amazing views and all the vendors in this place are very well skilled. In addition to this, they offer endless possibilities for a fairy-tale destination wedding in Provence.


Types of wedding venues in Provence, France

The best wedding venues in Provence, France include locations like vineyards or rustic villas. There are many factors that contribute to your choice for the wedding venue. Just like choosing the right wedding photographer or any other wedding vendor. Among the most famous factors is the availability of the wedding location. Before looking for a place to have your wedding party, you need to know what your budget is, how many guests you’ll have, but also what kind of venue you want. There are many types of wedding venues in Provence, as well as in other areas in France or in other countries.

The best way to look at your desired type of wedding venue in Provence is to search them online. Most of the best wedding venues in Provence can be found on Google. Try to view photos with the desired location. If you cannot find photos from a wedding in a specific location, you can look at the photo albums of professional wedding photographers who took pictures in that location. The type of wedding venue can greatly influence your mood on the day of the wedding. This is a unique day and you want to feel good about yourself and your wedding guests to have fun. These are just a few of the types of wedding venues in Provence that we are sure you will love.


Chateau wedding venues in Provence

Chateaux or castles are a great choice for a wedding in France. These are suitable for a romantic bride and groom couple who want a dream wedding. Also, a chateau for the wedding location is a great place for amazing wedding photos. You can do your bridal preparations, the reception but also the wedding party in one place. The wedding photographer from Provence will be pleased that he doesn’t have to travel from one location to another. Also, your guests will remember this location without a doubt. Chateaux are some of the best wedding venues in Provence, France, but they are also very popular.


Vineyards wedding venues in Provence

If you are looking for the best wedding venues in Provence, France you will have the great pleasure of discovering the amazing vineyards. Like a chateau wedding venue, these are imposing mansions, with impressive architecture. In case you are looking to have a wedding in the vineyard you may also have a certain romantic inclination. You can taste the wine of the region and your guests will be even more pleased. The landscape where these vineyards wedding venues are located is a special one, as they are most often in fields with open spaces. Vineyard wedding venues offer lots of creativity for a destination wedding photographer in France.


Beach wedding venues in Provence

Another type of weddings that you can find in the Provence area, in the South of France, is the beach weddings. There are not many places that sound more luxurious than a wedding on the seashore. If you are looking for the best wedding venues in Provence, France then you can choose to have your wedding on the beach. You can hire a wedding planner to set the ceremony on the beach. This can be a relaxed wedding from where you will truly have great memories. Beach wedding venues in Provence seem from another world.


Hotel wedding venues in Provence

Hotels are generally very popular as wedding venues. These are some of the types of wedding venues in Provence that many people choose because of their accessibility and the large number of options. Hotel wedding venues can be found in big cities like Nice, Marseille, Cannes but also in smaller cities like Toulon or Antibes. The Aix-en-Provence area has countless beautiful cities where there are dozens of hotels where you can organize a wedding. Choosing one of the best wedding venues in Provence can be difficult with all these options.


How to choose a wedding venue in Provence

There are a lot of luxurious wedding venues in the South of France. Choosing the venue is part of the wedding planning. It can set the tone of the wedding day and can be either grandiose or minimalistic. It all depends on your character as a couple. There are a few key elements you need to consider when choosing your wedding venue. First of all, you have to set your desired location in general, your budget, but you also have to know the number of guests. You can make a beach wedding with the help of a wedding planner or a romantic wedding in a chateau that includes all the wedding providers.

Looking for a wedding venue in Provence, or on the French Riviera? Provence is a beautiful place for weddings or engagements. Many people choose to do their wedding in the Aix-en-Provence region or to take an engagement photoshoot in the lavender. This is how to choose your wedding venue in the beautiful Provence, in France.


Time of booking a wedding venue in Provence

It’s perfect for some couples to book their wedding venue 12 to 18 months before the wedding day. This offers the couple enough time for the wedding preparations and planning. Best wedding venues in Provence get booked a long time in advance. These are the most popular venues, in wonderful areas in France.

Like other popular wedding vendors, such as the professional wedding photographer, the location should be booked well in advance. The date of your wedding is also very important. Most wedding venues are reserved during the summer.


Location of the wedding venue in France

Location, location, location. This can make the difference between a modern or rustic wedding. Think about the wedding of your dreams. Where does the wedding take place? It’s a beach wedding in the South of France or a modern wedding at a well-known hotel venue? For sure the location makes the difference.

There are certain benefits of having a wedding in the Provence area, because the destination weddings have something special. The location is a very important factor in choosing your wedding venue. There are many high-end luxury wedding venues in the Aix-en-Provence area. Choose the one that suits you best.


The budget for your wedding venue

Think of everything that might be included in the chosen wedding venue. Will you benefit from floral decoration or catering? You could consider the following French chateau wedding venues in Provence. This may be the main factor in choosing a wedding venue in Provence. If you want a wedding in a chateau it’s possible to pay more, especially if the location is very popular.

Set a budget that you consider carefully, you also need to talk to your partner. It is beneficial to know what is the most important thing in wedding planning. There are many wedding suppliers that you must choose for your dream wedding. You will need to talk to a professional wedding photographer in Provence or perhaps a destination wedding photographer. So besides the wedding venue, you also have to contact many other suppliers.


10 luxury wedding venues in Provence, France

French Riviera is the place with private yachts, beautiful cities, beaches or vineyards. It is an ideal place for a destination wedding. French chateau wedding venues are ideal for guaranteeing a dream wedding. In this area, you can find the best wedding venues in France. In cities on the Cote d’Azur such as Marseille, Nice or Monaco you can find professional wedding photographers along with other suppliers for your wedding. If you want to hire an English Nice wedding photographer, Marseille wedding photographer or an Aix-en-Provence wedding photographer you may find it in this region. Provence wedding venues are of many kinds, such as luxurious chateaux, or beautiful mansions with vineyards.

Between Marseille and Monaco, the French Riviera offers a multitude of luxurious and very intimate wedding venues. You will truly be amazed by these top wedding venues in the Provence region. Discover this list with 10 luxury wedding venues in Provence, France and you may discover the next perfect venue for your wedding.


Chateau d’Alphéran

Château d'Alphéran best wedding venues in Provence, France

Belonging to the Alphéran de Bussan family for many years, the chateau d’Alphéran was built around the 1720. It is located in Aix-en-Provence, in the Bouches-du-Rhône department of France (Provence-Alpes-Cote-d-Azur Region). The chateau has been restored in the traditional style. This small castle has its place on the list as one of the best wedding venues in Provence, due to its unique style. Rooms have been kept just like in the 18th century, with refined influences. The place can hold private events such as weddings or professional events or festivals. Two words can define this place and those are romantic and charming. As a result, Chateau d’Alpheran is on the top of the list as one of the best Provence wedding venues.

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Chateau d’Estoublon

Chateau d'Estoublon best wedding venue Provence France Cote d Azur 3

A sophisticated place in the middle of the Provence area of France. Actually, close enough to the middle. It’s positioned at 32.7 km to Avignon, between Fontvieille and Maussane. Since 1731, the estate has been producing under the Estoublon name their olive oil and wine on its surrounding countryside. If you want to have a special family reunion or a storytelling wedding you can do it in this beautiful place. Therefore this is seen by many people as one of the best wedding venue in Provence, France. You and your guests will have a great time in this wonderful place equipped with pool, gym, wine cave and many more. The countryside is a special place to have your bridal pictures taken by a destination wedding photographer. Check out Chateau d’Estoublon as your future wedding venue!

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Domaine des Grottes

Domaine des Grottes Provence wedding venues France

Domaine des Grottes is located in La Motte, near Draguignan in the Provence region of France. It offers great facilities, such as an outdoor pool, barbecue, tennis court, and sauna. In addition to these, it also provides a wonderful view of the vineyards. The Domaine des Grottes gives you the opportunity to organize the wedding in the middle of the Provence area. Being one of the best wedding venues in the Provence area, this place also offers a wedding chapel.

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Chateau de Varenne

Château de Varenne Sauveterre Provence best wedding venues in France

This is the perfect wedding venue located in Sauveterre, near Avignon, in the beautiful region of Provence. You could celebrate your wedding here with up to 36 guests. You could also consider this beautiful castle for family celebrations or friend gatherings. The chateau features extensive grounds with a peaceful garden guarded by a 400-year-old Lebanese Cedar Tree. Above all, it has an outdoor swimming pool and views over the Luberon and Mont Ventoux.

Chateau de Varenne is an authentic and charming guesthouse, a prestigious and unique place, full of history. This makes it one of Provence best wedding venues in France and the perfect place for hosting your intimate wedding. If your style is a small quiet wedding, surrounded by family and close friends then this may be the place for you. Named one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Provence, France, Chateau de Varenne it’s nice to visit even on a honeymoon trip.

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Chateau La Tour Vaucros

Chateau La Tour Vaucros Aix-en-Provence Avignon best wedding venues in Provence, France

Being a very popular place among Provence wedding venues, Chateau La Tour Vaucros has a wonderful view. This is due to its location: in the center of the Provence region. Even more, it is a place full of history. The venue holds events such as weddings, birthdays but also cocktail parties or baptisms. This location is private and self-contained, which will bring you, your family and your guests special moments shared together. If you are looking for best wedding venues in Provence, France, you might have just found it!

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Chateau de Tourreau

Chateau de Tourreau best wedding venues in Provence South of France

Chateau de Tourreau is close to Carpentras or Avignon, where you could find awesome wedding photographers. As an Avignon wedding photographer, capturing your story in this venue will be a special thing. The castle, built-in 1612, represents one of the most exquisite private venues, located in the heart of Provence.

The glorious landscape of this estate envelops 17 acres of mature wooded parkland, streams and elegant formal gardens. It also has a path that drives you right into the jewel: the Chateau itself. Chateau de Tourreau has been lovely restored, using paint techniques and traditional colors.  Hence, you will experience an accurate Provencal feel. As a beautiful contrast, it is still offering all modern conveniences. These include Wi-fi, satellite TV, air conditioning, gym, beautiful swimming pool, squash room and tennis court.

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Chateau de Sannes

Chateau de Sannes best wedding photography Provence wedding venue 2

The great Chateau de Sannes is a 70-hectare estate in the heart of the Luberon. It is a majestic place, enclosed by French gardens and breathtaking vegetation. This wedding venue includes a French fared, olive groves, a pond, fields of lavender, orchards of cherry trees and an old mill. There are a lot of dream places here for a perfect wedding. All of them include an incredible panorama in the background. Here, some extraordinary wedding photos can be taken if you have the right destination wedding photographer.

The entire day of the wedding befalls on the grounds of the property. Firstly, the wedding ceremony can be organized in the alley of magnolias, in a certain bucolic spirit in the olive groves, or at the edge of the pond. In Chateau de Sannes everything is possible.  Secondly, the reception dinner can occur under the nomadic Orangery, a place that can accommodate up to maximum 350 people. If you want a more intimate wedding, the staff recommends you to choose another place of the Chateau, called The Bergerie.

All styles of weddings are welcome in Chateau de Sannes, even if the groom and the bride usually like to play on the Provencal side of the place. Each couple can fully personalize the decoration and have their chosen decoration provider. Also, they have access to the venue from Thursday to Sunday to have enough time to decorate the place as they wish. So, a wedding in this place for sure will exceed your expectations.

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Chateau du Bijou

Chateau du Bijou in Chomérac luxury wedding venue Provence 2

Chateau du Bijou is located in Provence’s remarkable countryside and is for sure an idyllic spot for a romantic wedding. The exact location is in Chomérac. This lovely place has everything you could want or need from a wedding package. One thing that this venue is offering is an outdoor pool. In addition to this, it has free WI-FI, a patio, and a terrace. Here, you can also enjoy the pool view and the mountain view from the room. You’ll find a garden with a terrace and with barbecue facilities. In conclusion, Chateau du Bijou can be easily placed among the best wedding venues in Provence.

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Domaine de Blanche Fleur

Domaine de Blanche Fleur Provence France wedding venue Southern France 2

In the magic of the Provencal countryside, le Domaine de Blanche Fleur is for sure the perfect place to hold your dream wedding.  It offers you a unique Provence scenery which includes roses, lavender, olive trees. Even more, the picturesque Sorgue river borders the property. This domain is located in the center of Provence, just a few kilometers from Avignon.

During the Middle Ages and until the beginning of the 20th century, Domaine de Blanche Fleur used to be a paper mill. The property has been absolutely redesigned and remodeled into an ideal wedding venue location that is providing remarkable standards for their guests. During the wedding at Domaine de Blanche Fleur, the entire property will be privatized. Just imagine a fanciful ceremony and dinner party with up to 150 guests in that beautiful garden or in the wedding hall designed in a glass structure. Most noteworthy, this can be entirely open to the pool and garden.

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La Bastide de Gordes

La Bastide de Gordes wedding venue Gordes France

Located in Gordes, one of France’s most beautiful villages, Bastide de Gordes is a historic venue that will make you truly step back in time. This prestigious 5 stars hotel offers you authenticity, luxury, and simplicity. The luxury venue, located on the hills, offers breathtaking views, an outdoor and an indoor swimming pool, a starred restaurant, and a wellness corner. Everything is here to impress and to exceed expectations of the bride, groom, and guests. Palace Hotel, magic place and amazing view, who would not dream about it for his or her wedding?

France is full of special and lovely places that will make your wedding day unforgettable, mainly in Provence. We definitely love this area and all the many things it offers. What kind of venue are you looking for? We are excited to hear more about your planning process if you already chose your wedding dress or your Provence wedding photographer. Leave us a comment with which you think is one of the best wedding venues in Provence.

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Choosing the best wedding venue in Provence, France

In choosing the best wedding venue in Provence, France, there are many factors to consider. The best thing is to document your location. If you want a dream wedding in such a location then the budget is definitely not a barrier. In case you would like more details on wedding planning or wedding photography then you can rely on Chasse Sauvage’s wedding photo services. See more photos in our wedding photography portfolio or on our Instagram page. Choose professional services with Chasse Sauvage, destination wedding photographers in France, available worldwide!


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